Last of the Mohicans written & directed by Michael Mann

The frontier moves with the sun and pushes the Red Man of these wilderness forests in front of it until one day there will be nowhere left. Then our race will be no more, or be not us.  It is true. The frontier place is for people like my white son and his woman and their children. And one day there will be no more frontier. And men like you will go too, like the Mohicans. And new people will come, work, struggle. Some will make their life. But once, we were here.

klaine hiatus challenge  i love klaine because…

they’re besties amd lovers
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For the rest of eternity, there’s going to be a hole in my heart.

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"You alone are enough. You have nothing to prove to anybody."

— Maya Angelou (via observando)


central park kisses <3

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Hypatia of Alexandria


Favorite Movies [1/??]: Mr. & Mrs. Smith

Therapist: Do you feel that your relationship styles are more conducive to the-

Ask us the sex question.

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Delena places for kiss

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